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Bookkeeping Accounting RPA of Bank Statement

by Ant Sh
Bookkeeping Accounting RPA of Bank Statement

A bank statement is a document (also known as an account statement) that is typically sent by the bank to the account holder every month, summarizing all the transactions of an account during the month. Bank statements are commonly used by the customer to monitor cash flow, check for possible fraudulent transactions, and perform bank reconciliations. In this demo, you’ll see how an RPA solution can automate entering and classifying company bank statements into the accounting software. Here are the steps performed by a bot:

(1) Import OCR output into accounting software.
(2) Selecting an appropriate account head to upload.
(3) Selecting appropriate columns for the imported file
(4) Selecting all the transactions to import.
(5) Adding the transactions one by one into the accounting software.
(6) Login to email (the bot can successfully recognize issues and popup and navigate through them).
(7) Sending email that the process is completed.