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Boost.ai Will Bring Its Capabilities to CallMiner Customers

by Ant Sh
Boost.ai Will Bring Its Capabilities to CallMiner Customers

Boost.ai, a leading cloud-based provider of conversational AI, announced a new strategic partnership with CallMiner, a leading provider of conversation intelligence that drives improved customer experiences and business outcomes.

The partnership will lean on Boost.ai’s conversational AI and its ability to hold detailed conversations with customers. By feeding these conversations into the CallMiner platform, organizations gain the comprehensive, highly detailed data and accurate insights needed to improve customer experience. With dedicated virtual agents from Boost.ai supporting both chat and voice interactions, CallMiner expands what it can offer contact center customers, increasing service capacity so human agents can focus on complex and personalized interactions.

“In our omnichannel world, more customers are opting for self-service channels, including chatbots or virtual agents. For CallMiner, we see this as another stream of data that can deliver the insights needed to improve customer outcomes and experience. Boost.ai’s enterprise scalability, level of accuracy and resolution, and strong commitment to customer success made this partnership a natural fit. By bringing Boost.ai’s capabilities to CallMiner customers, we’re making it easier to increase service capacity by freeing up agents to tackle complex customer issues for more personalized service, lower costs by delivering rapid, self-service resolution to common problems, and improve human and virtual agent performance by understanding and evaluating every interaction.”

Scott Kendrick, VP of Strategy, CallMiner

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