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Bot Games 2021

by sol-admin

Bot games are a great opportunity for RPA developers to get involved with the RPA development community, try out different challenge pages as well as win some Automation Anywhere limited edition presents. The events kick off on July 26th with the registration of the AA Hackathon. The Hackathon is really only one-third of the Bot Games 2021, but it’s a global virtual event that allows developers to participate in a Global Hackathon where they can win up to $50,000 in prizes awards, and different recognition. It’s a great opportunity for you and your team to put together some kind of solution to submit for the Hackathon. You can submit by yourself or with a team of up to 4 in total.

The next component of Bot Games 2021 is Bot Wars which is a new brand this year. Every Monday for the month of August Automation Anywhere is going to be releasing a challenge page and those challenge pages are designed to test your skills as an RPA developer. These challenge pages get increasingly more difficult as the month goes on. Each of these challenge pages is designed to test how you can use different packages and different actions within Automation 360. You can complete all of these using the community edition or you can use enterprise, but the idea is AA wants you to test out using different packages, different solutions to solve these challenges. Each challenge will keep track of your processing time as well as your accuracy. As you successfully, AA will be looking to give out swag for the entire month and that’s going to be a limited edition Automation Anywhere Bot Game swag.

The last component for Bot Games 2021 is the developer community of Automation Anywhere. AA is going to be doing developer-submitted content every Tuesday for the month of August and they will have articles and blog posts and tutorials submitted by some of their A-listers and others in the developer community. On Wednesdays, AA is going to be doing bot help. If you need help with your Bot Wars solutions or with the Hackathon, the staff is going to be available to help you out through a people community forum. On Thursdays, AA is going to be doing solutions to the Bot Wars challenges. So as they present those challenge pages every Monday, they’ll be showing you exactly how you might solve them on Thursday. Be sure that if you want to take part in the challenge, you’re submitting your social media score prior to Thursday of that week.

Finally, on Fridays, there will be the bot store reviews and you can talk about some of the most popular and most advantageous bot store packages. For more details, please, proceed to this page.