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BotCity – a code-based automation platform, gains strong momentum, shaping the RPA landscape

by Ant Sh
BotCity – a code-based automation platform, gains strong momentum, shaping the RPA landscape

Backed by Softbank, Astella, and Y Combinator, the company reports 3x growth in 2023 and a 60% user base increase in the USA, EMEA, and India in 2024. BotCity has also joined the Top 3 in the G2 ranking of RPA platforms alongside industry leaders UiPath and Automation Anywhere.

This signifies a shift in the robotic process automation (RPA) industry, historically dominated by low-code solutions. BotCity is a code-based process automation and orchestration platform that provides an open-source framework to build automations in Python, Java, and JS and offers complete control and governance to any code-based automations (BotCity Framework, Selenium, Puppeteer, Pyautogui, Robot Framework) or executable commands.

“It’s become evident that businesses’ automation needs extend beyond the simple processes manageable by Citizen Developers, who use low-code platforms. Complex business processes often require the expertise of IT squads, comprised of skilled programmers who favor high-code solutions due to their familiarity and the potential for code reuse,” Gabriel Archanjo, CTO at BotCity, explains.

G2 ranking is a trusted source that supports this view. It is the world’s largest software review platform, accepting only reviews from verified users and ensuring the authenticity and reliability of its ratings. Reviewers are required to use their corporate emails and provide evidence of their use of the products, such as screenshots, guaranteeing that only real-world users contribute to the rankings.

GenAI fuels the surge of Python in RPA

The increase in Python’s adoption within the RPA space is accelerated by generative AI models. Python not only enhances the capabilities of RPA developers but also broadens the scope of automation possibilities with several Python libraries for Generative AI.

This approach caters to a growing trend within complex automation operations, where the integration of Python into diverse automated workflows has become increasingly common.

About BotCity

Backed by Y Combinator and Astella, BotCity stands out as an Enterprise RPA Orchestrator that champions hyperautomation through high-code automations. Originating in Brazil and founded by partners Gabriel Archanjo and Lorhan Caproni, BotCity is gaining ground in a market occupied by global giants.

The company has become a favorite among automation teams and developers, drawing the attention of tech moguls such as Rod Johnson – founder of the Spring Framework, who also became BotCity’s investor and advisor.

In 2023 the company invested in international expansion, opening offices in San Francisco (USA) and Lisbon (Portugal).

BotCity continues expanding its hyperautomation platform. The company recently launched BotCity Insights, an RPA analytics and automation intelligence module for large-scale operations, which includes dashboards and insights on ROI, cost savings, automation efficiency, and capacity.

BotCity also invests in educational initiatives for technology and automation leaders and developers. Launched in 2023, BotCity Academy has played a crucial role in training Python RPA developers. With its products and courses, BotCity aims to support 20,000 developers and automation leaders in 2024.

“The demand for RPA developers specializing in Python will grow even more in 2024. The BotCity Academy, with the expansion of its course portfolio, aims to train thousands of developers to meet this growing demand,” Gabriel explains.