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BotCity is an enterprise-grade Python RPA platform. It enables companies to leverage a global Python ecosystem of 20M+ developers and 440K+ prepackaged libraries to build process automation with powerful orchestration and strict governance at 5x lower cost than the leading low-code platforms. By using the world’s most popular programming language, companies avoid vendor lock-in and can easily find talent to scale their automation programs.


Lorhan Caproni
Co-founder & CEO


1110 Brickell Ave, Miami, FL 33131, USA
BotCity was founded in 2018



BotCity Maestro

BotCity Maestro Orchestrator

BotCity Maestro is an automation orchestration platform that supports the bot development process, automation deployment and orchestration during the runtime.

BotCity Studio

BotCity Studio

BotCity Studio is automation design platform used for creating bots, interacting with UI elements and auto-generating code. It offers powerful computer vison capabilities that allow capturing the selected UI element on the screen and generating code to perform a required action or interaction with the selected element. 

BotCity Docs

BotCity Documents

BotCity Documents is a framework that allows you to easily create parsers and read documents using Python or Java programming language, in the same way as you naturally would read a document, by establishing a relation between labels and fields.


BotCity offers different solutions for your business:

Solutions by industry: Banking & Finance, Healthcare, Logistics & Transportation, Insurance
Solutions by function: Accounting, IT, HR, Customer Support, Supply chain
Solutions by use case: Business Automation, Governance, Risk, and Compliance
Solutions by technology: RPA, IDP
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BotCity takes documentation and support as the core of our products. Elected on G2 as the best global RPA support, BotCity offers extensive documentation, a worldwide forum, and dedicated slack channels with customers and community users.
Support types: Omnichannel Support


Robotic Process Automation, Intelligent Document Processing, AI, Python automation, open source automation

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