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Botminds.ai provides AI-powered solutions to read and understand unstructured documents, extract actionable information, and drive insights with enriched document analytics. Botminds makes document AI accessible for every organization, and requires no AI expertise, expensive resources, or training datasets. It also brings real-time insights and analytics capabilities closer to where your data originates. Botminds.ai offers an AI platform to transform and scale your business by automating the processing of unstructured documents (e.g., legal documents, contracts), including:

  • Reading and understanding the content of the documents
  • Intelligent classification and extraction of the key information (dates, amounts, obligations, clauses)
  • Transforming extracted information into the structured form and pushing it to databases
  • Data enrichment with external databases
  • Cognitive search across the documents (e.g., how many contracts will expire next month?)
  • Automatiс creation of a document summary

With Botmind’s no-code AI-first approach, you can automate document-centric processes in weeks rather than years. Botminds.ai is headquartered in Seattle, USA, with the primary development center in Chennai, India.


Gokul Ganapathi
Co-Founder & CEO


1157 Highlands Dr NE 110 #396 Issaquah, WA 98029
Botminds.ai was founded in 2015



Intelligent Document Explorer

An intuitive document explorer for all document-centric processes, that helps you find, organize, and process all your documents without any hassle.


A single platform to upload, search, query, review, and set up workflows for millions of enterprise documents. Reap the benefits of end-to-end intelligent document automation from day one. 

Intelligent Document Processing

Document understanding AI components for all document types, customizable in hours, to read and understand your documents.


Uses pre-built AI models to convert data from documents of any format into structured data to enable automatic processing and accelerate decision-making.

Intelligent Document Communication

An effective document communicator that helps you to connect, collaborate and stay aligned with your internal teams and external systems.


Achieve end-to-end automation for high-value document-centric processes and bring 10x efficiency in weeks. 


Botminds offers different solutions for your business:

Solutions by industry: Banking & Finance, Legal Services, Public Sector, Construction, Insurance
Solutions by function: Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Data Analytics, Customer Support, Sales
Solutions by technology: RPA, Analytics


AI, IPA, IDP, Document Understanding, RPA, Document Workflow, and DocumentAI.

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