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Call Notes Classification with UiPath AI Center

by Ant Sh
Call Notes Classification with UiPath AI Center

With intelligent automation, organizations can automate tedious but important tasks to help boost margins, eliminate errors, and provide better employee satisfaction. Roboyo helped a large multinational conglomerate pilot the use of advanced AI and machine learning by automating two heavily manual and repetitive tasks in the billing department. In this video, you’ll see the demo of the billability determination using UiPath AI center.

The process required employees from the billing organization to manually review a large volume of call notes by customer service representatives and classify them as billable or non-billable. The manual review and classification process would take about 24 hours for reviewing up to 500 requests on a monthly basis.

Prior to automation, the employee had to manually open a text file containing the calls that needed review and individually read the customer problem description and the CSR notes to determine if a call was billable or not. The reviewer would then write down the classification in a new column and repeat the process for each call in the file.

The Roboyo team designed an automation leveraging UiPath’s AI center, which enabled the use of a machine learning model after ingesting and learning from a variety of data sets to automate the classification process of the billable calls. This is an excellent example of coupling Robotic Process Automation with advanced cognitive skills to unlock its full potential to drive business transformation. Now let’s see how the automated process runs.