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Checklist at the Beginning of Your RPA Journey

by sol-admin

If you don’t want to fail while you are leveraging RPA for your business, learn these 3 tips about a checklist you should make before you start:

  1. Real costs
    Include in your calculation these costs: additional hours from your team and from other departments (IT, Law, Customer Service, Quality, and Vendors that you are cooperating at the moment). Remember: the cost of RPA implementation is not only a cost you see in the offer from the vendor.
  2. Security
    Credentials and access to systems – there is a probability that you have to change internal rules or agreements with your partners. See into your Internal Security Policy document if you have any. Maybe there is some data you cannot share.
  3. Dependencies
    You must create a process flow for each of the solutions you’re gonna automate. Only then you see the whole pattern of change.

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