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CIO Guide to Enabling Business Automation

by Ant Sh
CIO Guide to Enabling Business Automation

As Central IT encounters repetitive or robotic tasks, they may recognize an opportunity for automation. However, they often sacrifice strategic thinking in favor of shortcuts and point solutions that address only a few immediate priorities but are often unusable in other projects.

A great business automation strategy will only be successful if it’s built on a holistic integration strategy. So, it’s time for CIOs and other IT leaders to consider taking a platform approach to automation that enables both developers and business users to execute on automation opportunities through the use of PBCs and via API-led connectivity.

Check out this whitepaper to:

  • Review a checklist for building a successful automation strategy.
  • Discover why integration is central to executing business automation.
  • Learn how leading organizations are leveraging APIs and PBCs to drive results.

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