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Cyclone Facilitates Digital Transformation for Sinolink Securities, Enabling Business Processes with Zero Errors

by Ant Sh
Cyclone Facilitates Digital Transformation for Sinolink Securities

With the emergence of new technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data, Chinese securities firms have been actively exploring digital transformation. Robotic Process Automation (RPA), a non-intrusive technology capable of integrating independent systems and sharing information through continuous 24/7 work rhythms, has gained validation in the securities industry in recent years, reducing error risks and improving efficiency. As a result, it has become a key tool for firms seeking to improve quality, reduce costs and increase productivity.

RPA has evolved over time, and its integration with artificial intelligence technologies now optimizes and automates traditional processes, transforming the way software is delivered. Today, as the digitalization deepens and AI technologies mature, RPA has significantly strengthened the skills of professionals in specific work areas. As a “glue” capable of integrating different systems into a flexible and connected organic whole, it has become an essential aid for promoting digital transformation in enterprises.

Partnering with Cyclone Robotics, a leading RPA company, leading financial services companies like Sinolink Securities are deepening their digital transformation, achieving zero errors and reducing manpower while automating processes across multiple departments and business scenarios. The result is real-time data mining and analysis, data interoperability, and enhanced workflow efficiency.

Cyclone is a leader in the hyperautomation industry and has seen an average annual growth rate of 400% over the past three years. It has gained continued attention from top-tier investors and is the only company in China to have entered both the Gartner Magic Quadrant and been selected for the Forrester Wave.

As RPA penetrates the securities industry, the key challenge lies in promoting product implementation, optimizing workflow, and achieving seamless information integration.

In response to the call for cost reduction and efficiency improvement, the Wealth Management and Margin Trading Center of Sinolink Securities actively followed upon learning that the company’s Information Technology Department had introduced an RPA robot system. With high execution capability and combining RPA technology with practical business needs, they quickly absorbed and learned technology, pioneering a demonstration case for the entire industry.

Mr. Cai Pei, a data analyst at the center, said, “The key to the implementation of RPA is that the overall capability is easy to learn. It would take hundreds of lines of code for us to write our own version, but with one control from Cyclone Robotics, everything is done with great ease and accuracy.” The real significance of RPA is not to replace human work, but to ensure “zero error” in large-scale repetitive operations. The initial demand for RPA at the center was not just to speed up, but to reduce error rates. Humans do not need to spend energy on repetitive work, they just need to focus on the results of RPA operation.

It is understood that Cai Pei relied on his own professional technical background and fully communicated and learned with Cyclone Robotics’ on-site technical staff. In a few days, he mastered the full-process development and application of the RPA tool. As of now, more than 30 RPA automation programs have been put into operation in the Wealth Management and Margin Trading Center of Sinolink Securities. All programs are distributed in three robots, and coordinated inside and outside the network. After the introduction of RPA, what used to be a day’s workload for humans can now be completed in just 2 hours.

Cyclone Robotics’s empowerment of the Wealth Management and Margin Trading Center of Sinolink Securities is mainly reflected in two core scenes of “internal and external network interconnection”. One is the mass downloading, layout, reading, and uploading of internal research reports and other files onto the external network, and the other is batch downloading of market files from the external network of THS, combined with the set filtering criteria to push the result files to the corporate WeChat group of Sinolink Securities’ enterprise.

During the process of “internal and external network interconnection,” business operations will not be affected by external factors such as personnel leaving or taking leaves. It will also not yield errors due to repetitive mechanical operations by personnel.

The efficiency of RPA is not only reflected in the Wealth Management and Margin Trading Center of Sinolink Securities. With the assistance of Cyclone Robotics’ RPA, over 20 departments of Sinolink Securities, including investment banking, asset management, self-support, commission and execution, asset custody, director’s office, president’s office, human resources department, compliance management department, risk management department, and three subsidiaries of Guojin Dao Fu, Guojin Jin Kong (Hong Kong), and Guojin Futures, have realized the substitution of RPA for manual operation in more than 400 scenarios. Through standardization processes, business department work can be automated for about 1600 minutes per day, reducing manual repetitive operations and helping improve work efficiency while also lowering operational risk.

The practical case of Sinolink Securities reflects a new trend in the securities industry: RPA has become an important lever for the effective digital transformation of securities companies, providing a “new way of thinking” for achieving highly automated processes and intelligent operations. With the help of RPA, large securities companies can enter a brand-new stage of digital transformation.

About Cyclone Robotics

Cyclone Robotics (abbreviated as Cyclone), is a leading provider of RPA software and solutions in China. Hyperautomation (covering RPA, low-code development platform, process mining, AI and other innovative technologies) industry leader. The company has the most complete and forward-looking hyper-automation product layout in the industry, providing end-to-end software automation platforms, cloud-native platforms and digital transformation solutions for the entire industry, running through the entire life cycle of enterprise digital upgrades, and realizing cross-industry, cross-the organization’s digital transformation goals. The enterprise-level RPA product portfolio has provided services to thousands of customers at home and abroad, such as State Grid, China Post, CNOOC, Tesla, Bosch, etc., covering multiple fields such as pan-finance, energy, e-commerce, retail, healthcare, government, and manufacturing.