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Cyclone Named a Major Contender in Everest Group Process Mining Products PEAK Matrix Assessment 2023

by Ant Sh
Cyclone Named a Major Contender in Everest Group Process Mining Products PEAK Matrix Assessment 2023

On June 5, Everest Group, the leading global consulting and research organization, released its Process Mining Products PEAK Matrix Assessment, with Cyclone named a major contender. Cyclone’s process mining is the key component of its leading intelligent automation platform, which is highly regarded by every major analyst firm, including Gartner and Forrester. Building on its success in the home China market, Cyclone Robotics positions itself as an automation leader in the Asian market.

With extensive, technical expertise and a deep understanding of application scenarios in Process mining, Cyclone offers an integrated RPA + Process mining solution. The solution leverages process mining technology to enable comprehensive analysis and diagnosis of enterprise processes. As a result, it enhances overall process automation rates, improves process execution efficiency, automation efficiency, and customer experience (both internal and external), and strengthens risk compliance management. Ultimately, these integrated solutions close the end-to-end automation loop of (1) problem identification, (2) automation solution development, and (3) problem resolution.

Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix Assessment of Process Mining Products not only validates Cyclone’s leading position in the field of process mining technology, but also expands the range of digital transformation options and opportunities across various industries. The integrated application of AI, process mining and RPA technologies offers a comprehensive and efficient enterprise-level versatile solution, enabling enterprises to undertake digital transformation with greater efficiently and precision. This approach further enhances operation efficiency, reduce operating costs, and maximizes value for businesses.

Going forward, Cyclone’s process mining will undergo continuous performance improvement, enhancement in stability and security, evolving from tools to full-fledged business products. From the business standpoint, it will serve as a guiding force for product evolution, acting as the daily operational platform for business process management. It will, seamlessly, integrate into the routine tasks of process administrators, and become an integral part of the enterprise’s collaborative ecosystem, deeply ingrained in daily operations.

To enhance customer loyalty and product value, it is essential to delve deeper into enterprise process management. Process optimization is an ongoing endeavor that requires adherence to high ecological standards across business system suppliers, consulting firms, and delivery partners. Cyclone, as a forerunner in the field of process mining, will collaborate closely with its upstream and downstream ecosystem partners. Together, we will provide customers with holistic solutions of greater value, establishing Cyclone’s continued leadership in the domain of process mining in Asia and around the globe globally.

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