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Davies Turner’s RPA Journey

by sol-admin

Davies Turner, one of the largest UK independent freight forwarders and logistics companies, has recently experienced its first RPA journey, which gave them the powerful digital workforce. Let’s look at what the reasons were to implement the RPA deployment at Davies Turner and what the benefits they got in the end.

They deal with shipments Lancie and in their industry moving shipments around is not only about a bulk level, but also they do the logistic side. Before RPA deployment, a customer would come on to Davies Turner and say “where’s my shipment” or “I haven’t received my delivery yet”, and a lot of the time when they’re sending out individual pieces, they’re using other third parties such as DHL, UPS. So, in order to provide the information to Davies Turner’s client, the staff would have to look at the forwarders or the partners’ website and see if they have any tracking information failing. Then a manager has to email or ring his contact there and say where’s the shipment and when it’s arriving. The staff needs to get back to Davies Turner’s customer so quite often that it would take at least 15 minutes to provide that information to the customers. And because the company can have about 10,000 shipments a day just for one customer alone, so trying to manage that and keep on top of all, that was very difficult.

When the company purchased Kofax RPA, the staff got able to build a robot for about 30 minutes and Davies Turner became able to make some huge cost savings. Let’s look at how many robots Davies Turner already has and what they do.

They launched over 520 robots with just 6 business users, who are building and maintaining them. And what those robots are doing is roughly 7500 daily executions and they also process over 30,000 files or data in a week and that has enabled the company to not only grow its customer base but to provide better customer service as well.

This success story is also available in video format where it is told by Emma Curzon, Business Analyst Manager at Davies Turner.