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Deloitte & NICE: RPA Implementation in Healthcare

by sol-admin

Peter Lock works for Deloitte Consulting as a Healthcare Automation Lead. In his opinion, the difference with Deloitte Consulting when they’re partnering with organizations such as NICE is really effective, it’s the breadth of capability that they bring.

This is a fantastic data-science team as well. So if they need to integrate artificial intelligence or intelligent automation on top, that really gives them a really good position in the market.

Does Peter lead their healthcare automation business and why they’re trying to apply robotics and intelligent automation to the NHS?

They think it’s a fantastic use case – the NHS has got so many opportunities to improve processes and the philosophy behind it is really how do they free up clinician time by using robotics to automate processes.

There are a few components as a solution: an artificial intelligence algorithm into a clinical workflow process and they’re using an attended robot as an either to do that so it presents it visually to the clinician and also unattended robotics to automate processes. Probably, it is one of the first examples of applying attended robotics within the NHS. And it’s probably one first in Europe if not the US as well. So Peter and his team think it’s a really exciting area. They want to continue doing more of it and that’s their plan going forward.


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