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Demo: Solutioning Center Intelligent Assistant

by sol-admin

For any business opportunity, Solutioning Center teams, in particular in LAC (Latin American Countries), have to manually load the effort estimation from an Excel file into a quotation in Harmony (CPQ). The process is repetitive, tedious and time-consuming. That’s why it can potentially lead to human errors. Patricia Rodriguez (Solution Lead), Pedro Landaverde (SAP Intelligent RPA Developer) and Cecilia Vernabel (LAC Solutioning Center) as a team developed an attended SAP Intelligent RPA bot called SOCIA (it’s an abbreviation for SOlutioning Center Intelligent Assistant).

What did they see as the results of their work?

  • Efficiency and speed are increased by 75%.
  • The process is fulfilled 4 times faster ( 5:03 with RPA vs 19:00 manually).
  • Data accuracy and employee experience were enhanced.

Take a look at this video here.