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Digital Transformation of a German Procurement Company

by sol-admin

Intetics is an IT outsourcing company headquartered in Naples, Florida. Here is how Intetics’s team helped its German client to streamline procurement processes through a self-service paradigm.

Intetics’s client is a procurement company based in Germany. Due to the growing demand for procurement services, the company encountered the heavy growth of routine tasks involved in the processing of requests. The utilization of legacy systems also slowed down the task processing, since there is a lack of API integration with other systems. All of that negatively affected covering the business-critical activities.

The descending level of employee and process efficiency triggered the idea of digital processes transformation via RPA and cognitive services. The company chose Intetics for the expertise and hands-on experience in digital transformation.

Initially, the team developed and implemented the Virtual Assistant (VA) serving as the interface and a unified point of entry. Along with that, the Intetics team designed, developed, and delivered to the client a set of robotized and reusable process modules, which can be used in other projects in the future. They cover the data submission and extraction activities and the system integration tasks. The solution orchestration allowed managing all the robots, exceptional cases, and improve the user experience via the dashboard or right on the VA.

– 60% acceleration of invoices and purchase order processing
– 90% of data accuracy achieved
– 100% of data integrity and consistency ensured
– 60% of employee satisfaction reached

The full report is here available.