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DRUID AI Gets Stronger in APAC via The Partnership with OMNIA

by sol-admin

Yesterday, DRUID which is one of the leaders in Conversational AI automation, announced its partnership with Omnia, a Taiwanese consulting company for system development and process design. The strategic partnership is focused on next-generation hyper-automation capabilities.

DRUID brings conversational out-of-the-box capabilities to RPA robots from UiPath, a leading enterprise software automation company, adds enhanced cognitive services and simplifies automated tasks. DRUID virtual assistants can communicate and trigger actions with both attended and unattended robots to streamline complex end-to-end hyper-automation projects in a human-like manner. The power and accessibility of DRUID chatbots reside in the revolutionary proprietary NLP engine that natively supports over 45 languages. Simultaneously, over 500 pre-built conversational skills by roles, processes, and industries ensure fast time to value.

“Our overarching goal is to expand the impact of our automation partners. Thanks to OMNIA Inc., we were able to pull this off in Taiwan for the first time. This partnership is a wonderful addition to DRUID’s diverse brand portfolio, and it has tons of potential in all our many areas of interest. OMNIA Inc. will extend our conversational AI footprint and support our primary offering.”

Simona Hurjui, Alliances and Channels Partner Enablement Lead, DRUID