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DRUID Revenue Has Increased 5x Just For A Year

by sol-admin

Headquartered in Romania, DRUID is a global leader in Conversational AI Automation. DRUID’s no-code platform enables enterprises to automate customer and employee communications using AI-driven virtual assistants. With 21 million interactions exchanged per month, and a growing ecosystem of over 100 global partners, DRUID is demonstrating a solid foundation on which the company is building its global footprint. Last week, the company announced an outstanding achievement in its development which is a monthly recurring revenue 5x growth rate compared to 2020.

DRUID moves beyond the crowded area of chatbot platforms and evolves to a refined area of conversational business applications platforms, leveraging deep conversational AI technology and best-in-class RPA robots from UiPath. DRUID is continuing to accelerate its international growth on the EU and US markets, expanding its existing offices in Houston (Texas USA) and London (UK), while planning to open new locations in Frankfurt (Germany), Tokyo (Japan), and in Dubai (UAE).

Actively pursuing its expansion strategy on the global markets, the company reached more than 1,500 active tenants, including the community edition. The total value paid by the international clients reached 49% of total revenues, with customers in all regions: Europe, the Americas, and Asia-Pacific.