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E-BOOK: “Citizen Developers: Real-world Stories of Democratizing Innovation”

by Ant Sh

Inspiration is the catalyst for innovation! That’s why UiPath has collected the stories of its several customers who have taken an innovative approach to their citizen developer* programs. As a result, the e-book “Citizen developers: Real-world stories of democratizing innovation” was born.

Download this e-book to get inspired for making the most of the ideas circulating in your enterprise. You’ll see how companies like Amazon, Wesco, SOCAR Türkiye and others have unlocked the creativity of business users to scale their automation programs and drive higher levels of efficiency and innovation across the enterprise.

*What’s a citizen developer? It’s a person in the business whose primary role isn’t AI or automation-related. They’re the people who understand the ins and outs of their own business processes. They tend to be responsible for the hands-on work that keeps the business running. They may have technical skills or they may not. What they do have is a lot of passion, a lot of creativity, and a lot of expertise. And they’re eager to put it all into practice by building their own automations.