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E-commerce Digital Forwarding Platform – Cello Square

by sol-admin

Cello Square is a digital forwarding platform specialized in global e-commerce. It helps e-commerce retailers to use international transportation services from various global partners at a competitive price. Powered by AI, blockchain, and other cutting-edge technologies, Cello Square is a Samsung SDS product providing a one-stop service from quotation to transport tracking and invoicing for customers or e-commerce sellers who are struggling with complex import and export logistics.

The main advantages of the platform are:

Transparency Convenience Intelligence
You can check logistics flow
at a glance in one place.
Your invoicing can be done
quick and easy like paying
your credit card bill.
From ordering, delivery
tracking, customs clearance
to returns, fixing issues,
invoicing, you can get all
your logistics work done
By analyzing accumulated
data, it forecasts demand
and cargo volumes and
suggests ways to optimize
inventory operation and total

This demo has been made with the actual image of Cello Square, in order to help you experience the major features and strengths of Cello Square by each process. The demo scenario will guide you through the following steps:

  • Initial order (outside systems)
  • Match with the right mode & carrier
  • Automated export declaration
  • Print label
  • Print packing list
  • Commercial invoice
  • Pick up by a delivery driver
  • Track delivery status
  • Monitor issues
  • Resolve issues, share updates
  • Complete delivery
  • Invoicing