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Echo IQ Brings AI Heart Screening Platform to the US

by Ant Sh
Echo IQ Brings AI Heart Screening Platform to the US

An Australian medical AI company, Echo IQ, has launched its cloud-based platform for screening structural heart disease in the United States. The platform, which is called EchoSolv, supports the identification of structural heart diseases, including guideline-defined aortic stenosis at present, automating this process using AI. It can also complete bulk assessments at a rate of up to 48,000 per minute.

Other key features of the software include role-based access controls for audit and usage traceability, and optional SMS/email alerts for high-risk patients. It also comes as a web API for those looking to integrate it into existing workflows to deliver real-time results.

The commercial launch of EchoSolv in the US comes as the company recently announced positive findings from a clinical study evaluating the screening software’s effectiveness. Its study, done in partnership with Harvard Medical School’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, used EchoSolv to screen 30,000 patient records. The study eventually showed that EchoSolv successfully identifies sizeable cohorts of patients with severe aortic stenosis, as well as those with a high risk of death from the condition.

EchoSolv’s commercialization is also backed by the appointment of Donald Fowler as president of Echo IQ USA. Fowler, who previously worked with Siemens Healthcare and Toshiba, is engaging several major hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, and health systems in the country to sell their AI solution.

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