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ElectroNeek Introduced The Winter ’21 Release

by sol-admin

ElectroNeek is the preferred RPA vendor for many globally recognized and leading regional MSPs, such as BDO, HLB, and Compasso, and enterprise clients such as Electrolux, Epiroc, Sage, and 7-Eleven. This week, the company introduced the Winter ’21 product release. Let’s take a look at its new features and updates:

  • MSP Toolbox is a new product available for partners dedicated to the success of MSPs through new features such as an automated lead distribution system.
  • Elevated security and compliance features to further enable clients’ trust in the ElectroNeek RPA ecosystem.
  • New multi-language UX support to lower the barrier of entry for RPA developers in markets around the world.
  • Bot management with Tokens to simplify role-based access and bot user management.
  • Major automation tools updates to existing products in the ElectroNeek RPA ecosystem, such as UX updates to Studio Pro.


The Winter ’21 release is the next step in ElectroNeek’s journey, as we focus on not only adding new intelligent capabilities and features to our core products (Studio Pro, Bot Runner, Orchestrator) but an entirely new product in the MSP Toolbox. Specifically designed to empower ElectroNeek’s MSP partners to new heights, the MSP Toolbox includes an automated lead distribution system, educational modules, and a foundation for significant future capabilities.”

Sergey Yudovskiy, CEO & Co-Founder, ElectroNeek