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Elisa’s journey with RPA

by sol-admin

Elisa is a pioneer in telecommunications and digital services in Finland. Its Head of Customer & Online Solutions, Tomi Korpela, leads the RPA initiative at Elisa and he told Kedar Dani (Automation Revealed) what made Elisa go down the RPA path.

Tomi said that:

– Three years ago they wanted to look into this new technology RPA, what’s it all about and they started piloting it and evaluating the technology.

– They have been doing automation for years and when they quickly saw the results and the impact of it, they really started scaling up forward.

– The next process everyone is talking about is AI and, in particular for Elisa, how to integrate these new technologies with RPA robots to go hand-in-hand with the RPA and machine learning algorithms. And basically, this is all about improved customer experience.

– His main advice is to start in RPA with a series of experiments and conclusions and only then to try to scale up.

The video to watch Tomi’s full thoughts is placed here.