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Exponential Growth for Symantec Due to RPA

by sol-admin

Symantec is a leading brand in global cybersecurity with more than 11,000 employees across more than 35 countries. In 2019, the brand was purchased by Broadcom, an American designer, developer, manufacturer, and global supplier of a wide range of semiconductors and infrastructure software products. Here is the brief digest of how Symantec leveraged RPA.

Symantec was seeking a solution to reduce the number of manual processes while maintaining strict security and compliance controls. A customizable solution was essential since some departments wanted to automate a few steps while others wanted a complete automation
of end-to-end workflows.

“We looked at a lot of competitors in the RPA space. Automation Anywhere was just the right balance for us in terms of cost, return on investment and engaged staff that was really interested in the business and our overall relationships. Automation Anywhere also provided a top-tier benchmark with relevant customer references.”

Ravi Konda, Sr. Manager, IT Automation, Symantec

• Order management
• UAT test cases
• Renewals quote SVA Program
• Renewals batch quoting
• Payroll accrual
• In-flight projects

– 4,500 Hours saved in less than a year
– 26 Processes automated
– 20% Increase in the auto booking of renewals
– 40 Bots deployed

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