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Financial Process Automation at ArcelorMittal

by sol-admin

ArcelorMittal is the world’s leader (No.1) among steel producers. Its financial services team implemented the RPA project by 2019. They had to date 30 bots running in production, which helped them standardize their processes, save time and gain a lot of quality in deliverables and in the working time of the staff.

RPA Automation was also implemented at several processes related to ArcelorMittal’s consolidation and reporting processes. It’s about data analysis, several extractions from the company’s systems and following of all their KPI’s.

Automation Anywhere was presented to the customer’s team so, that they found it quite user-friendly, intuitive and knowing that  ArcelorMittal wanted to be also the owners of their own processes, which will be automated. It was really important to have a system that the staff can use later on after the deployment. At the development, the people were involved since the very start of the project. 

They were trained by Automation Anywhere, which was really important so they could really see what was hidden behind the bots (what kind of technology). The staff was seduced by the product and there is so quite quickly the benefit they can get out of this automation. Today the people save a lot of time in their daily work. They can allocate much more time to their analytic work and they are really happy working with the bots. It’s part of their daily job today to run bots, but RPA automation should not replace the best practices, it should complement the behavior of their current processes to get them to a higher level.

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