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Firsrsource’s Intelligent Data Capture Service

by sol-admin

Usually, it takes much time, effort, and attention to capture data from structured and unstructured documents. Every day healthcare workers are losing valuable hours extracting and searching for vital information from unstructured documents and images and this is causing errors in transaction processing, delayed payments, compliance issues, and/or customer experience. That’s where cloud-based Firstsource’s Intelligent Data Capture Service may be useful. It enables you to extract and digitize the vital information from images to enable transaction processing and decision making.

It’s all rapidly processed by Sympraxis workflow engine, powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. 180 million paper claims to EDI with over 99% form level accuracy have been already transformed. And, once processed, Sympraxis gives you outputs in multiple formats to suit your requirements.

Let’s see it in action:

The solution incorporates four industry-leading OCR engines and a proprietary optimizer algorithm to enhance accuracy. Data is captured from both structured and unstructured documents. Sympraxis uses machine learning algorithms to enhance poor image quality with image enhancer and automatically identifies document type by using auto-classification. Data accuracy is further improved with the built-in smart dictionaries and databases. Sympraxis is flexible and enabling express configuration of new form types and documents.

During the data correction stage, the extracted info at a field level is compared against a snipped image from the source file enabling easy correction across batches. The reviewer’s productivity is increased as there’s no need to switch screens to compare paper and digital files.

During the field review stage, Sympraxis checks whether the data in individual fields are correct and aligned with your business practices.

But what if the figures don’t add up? During the form review stage, the system applies 130 form-level data validation rules to make sure everything tallies correctly.

Sympraxis document review validation ensures all data is captured correctly and process steps follow. All non-standard complex forms undergo zone processing where our skilled team marks the relevant zones from where data needs to be extracted. Smart OCR highlights keywords and marked zones to improve productivity. An audit process ensures that the extracted data meets high accuracy and compliance. Errors are automatically flagged so operators can improve the quality of their output. And throughout the process, you can always see the real-time status of all your documents, turnaround times, and productivity. What’s more, the entire system is secure-encrypted and PCI compliant with defined user roles and permissions. Sympraxis is high trust and SAS70 Type II certified digital mailroom.

This is the future of mailroom operations. Greater security, accuracy, productivity, and at its heart simplicity. Leave the paper behind, digitize your operations, transform your business performance.