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Form Processing with AI Builder and Power Automate Desktop RPA

by sol-admin

AI Builder is a Microsoft Power Platform capability that provides AI models that are designed to optimize your business processes. AI Builder enables your business to use AI to automate processes and glean insights from your data in Power Apps and Power Automate. This video covers how you can build and train an AI Builder model to read and understand a form. This includes both digital text and handwritten text.

The demo reviews what Power Platform’s AI builder service is and how you can create a form processing where you can actually train a model to learn what a form looks like for you and what the individual fields inside of that form are. You can then automate that by extracting the individual fields from any form that you have automatically. You’ll also see how you can take the results of that and then use Power Automate Desktop RPA to take those pieces of information and automatically populate a web application form and submit it for you. This is a really awesome example of how you can use low code to save a ton of time. Let’s go ahead.

Time Code:

  • Create AI Builder Model: 4:20
  • Test AI Builder Model: 7:20
  • Power Automate Desktop RPA: 8:25
  • Power Automate Cloud Flow: 12:01