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FORWARD 5 Starts Today

by Ant Sh
FORWARD 5 Starts Today

At FORWARD 5, you’ll not only hear about the UiPath vision for the future of automation—you’ll also get a firsthand look at the innovations that are already making that vision a reality. Let’s learn the keynotes of this impactful event.

  • UiPath Chief Brand Officer and Chief Marketing Officer, Mary Tetlow and Bobby Patrick, respectively, kick off FORWARD 5 with the Introduction “Welcome to FORWARD 5: Building a World Where Robots Work and People Thrive”.
  • Rob Enslin, Co-CEO of UiPath, will discuss higher revenues and profitable growth. His session “Reboot and Reimagine Business Processes to Drive Automation-Fueled Business Outcomes” is also dedicated to happier customers and more loyal employees, a permanently transformed cost structure, the ability to use digital technologies to their fullest potential, and far greater efficiency, speed, and responsiveness in processes all over your company.
  • Ted Kummert, UiPath EVP, Product & Engineering, introduces the next leap forward in UiPath automation technology: the UiPath Business Automation Platform. See what has been done—and learn what will be done next—to drive automation-fueled digital transformation, innovation, and business value throughout the enterprise.
  • Co-CEO Daniel Dines in the session “Daniel, Unplugged: A View From the Founder’s Chair” will reflect on the past, present, and future of UiPath in an ‘automation first’ world, and welcome special guests to the stage to celebrate their automation-fueled transformations.

To watch live all these keynotes, visit here to register.

When: 28 September

Time: 9:00 am PDT | 6:00 pm CET