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Free Online Course “What’s New with Bot Building in SAP Intelligent RPA 2.0”

by sol-admin

The main goal of the course is to make you aware of the update of the solution component. During the course, Alexandre FORTIN, Sudha Karanam Narasimha Murthy, Chaitanya Priya Puvvada, and Soufia MAHERZI will present you with the newest features and functionalities and you get a chance to practice bot building skills.

This course is aimed at all developers from citizen developers to expert developers, business users, bot operators, and all of you who already attended the open SAP course “Enter Next-Level Bot Building with SAP Intelligent RPA 2.0”. The course will be open for four weeks. You get access to the entire learning content and can do the course assignment anytime during this period. The learning effort is three to four hours in total.

The course will be available from November 16, 2021. Here is its content:

Unit 1: Bot building from Store to Production – Introduction
Unit 2: Bot building features
Unit 3: Additional design features
Unit 4: Speed up your design with the recorder
Unit 5: Bot administration features
Unit 6: Ease of deployment
Unit 7: Monitoring and troubleshooting
Unit 8: A few more things

During the course, you will be asked to join SAP online discussion forum where you can discuss all the questions, comments, and ideas with participants, experts, and instructors. If you earn the required points in the course assignment, you will earn a course certificate called “Record of Achievement” and a digital badge that you can share across social networks.