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Free PEX Network Online Event – ALL ACCESS: BPM 2023

by Ant Sh
Free PEX Network Online Event – ALL ACCESS: BPM 2023

Do you want to unlock the Key to Increased Revenue, Productivity, and Operational Excellence? Join PEX Network‘s largest free online event of the year, ALL ACCESS: BPM 2023!

📊 A recent survey of business leaders found that 85% of organizations are currently using BPM techniques to improve their business processes. However, only 20% of organizations have fully integrated BPM into their overall business strategy and have seen significant improvements in areas such as cost reduction and process efficiency.

🚨 Business Process Management (BPM) is a rapidly growing field, as organizations of all sizes and industries look to streamline and optimize their operations. Despite the high adoption rate of BPM techniques, only a small percentage of organizations are effectively utilizing BPM to drive business performance.

With that in mind, All Access BPM 2023 will give you the latest insights, strategies, and success stories that will empower your business to flourish. This free online event will be focused on:

✅ Data and Digital Tools: Adopt data analytics and Generative AI to enhance processes.

✅ Hyperautomation: Strategies to automate and streamline processes with hyperautomation.

✅ BPM Maturity: The different phases of BPM, from inception to maturity.

✅ Process Mining: Explore how to use process mining to analyze and improve processes.

✅ BPM Democratization: Strategies to democratize BPM through Low Code/No Code for universal understanding.

Hear from confirmed industry experts: PepsiCo, EDP Renewables, Bremer Bank, SOCAR Türkiye, Alstom, National Grid, SMS Group, OpenText, AcruxCK, Precisely, OutSystems, Glide, SAP, GBTEC Group, Appian Corporation, and FlowForma.

🗓 September 19 – 21, 2023 – from 9:30 AM EST | Free PEX Network Online Event

👉 Register for free here.

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