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GDPR Request Automation

by sol-admin

In this demo, it is shown how UiPath automated a process to handle personal information requests as part of compliance with the European Union general data protection regulation (GDPR).

UiPath like many companies provides an online request form to help customers initiate a personal information request. The first step: a customer goes to the UiPath website to fill out a personal data request form. This form allows the visitor to select from a number of options for managing their personal data. They can receive a copy of their data, restrict processing, and more. After filling in the form the customer is asked to confirm their request and their email address. Once confirmed, the robot will then act upon the request. The robot can run in unattended mode against a regularly updated batch of requests or it can run attended by someone on the legal staff.

In this demo, the robot is unattended and automatically reviews every day any new incoming requests from a form queue. For any new requests, the robot pulls the form data and then compares the name and email address against UiPath data systems including sales, marketing, and financial databases.

  • If the robot finds a match, it records in a separate spreadsheet the data source and the matched data.
  • If it does not find a match, it records in that same spreadsheet that it could not find a match in that specific database.

You won’t see the database queries happening because, in the demo, the robot is running in an unattended mode in the background of the legal staffer’s computer. It also uses a data API instead of a user interface automation in order to speed up processing. Once all the databases have been queried, the robot completes a Word document template and together with a spreadsheet returns a result to the legal staff for follow up. You will see the Word document to quickly pop up.

If we look at the robots lock, you can see the robot checked against a Salesforce database but didn’t find any matching personal information. It also checked the HubSpot database and found one match. The log also shows a final report was sent to the legal staff. Another benefit of automation with UiPath is detailed logs of all activity to help with compliance reporting and auditing.