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Google Cloud CEO’s Speech at Imagine Digital 2021

by sol-admin

As we mentioned before, this week, Automation Anywhere performed Imagine Digital 2021, the industry’s premier cloud-native and AI virtual event. Here is a digest of the keynote by Thomas Kurian, Google Cloud CEO.

Thomas Kurian is focusing on automation and business process improvement as the company seeks to gain ground on cloud computing competitors. Speaking at the virtual conference, Kurian said a shift in focus to business processes as a service will define enterprises’ future cloud migrations.

“By abstracting the underlying technology, and making it easier and more efficient to get the business process, you can accelerate time to value. People really want to find places where they can unlock value. And the places where they unlock value are in every touchpoint with the customer.”

Thomas Kurian, CEO, Google Cloud

At the conference, Kurian weighed in on how ongoing efforts will strategically shift the on-ramp to the cloud. He said enterprises will work to streamline the way that they can define, execute, and operate a core business process, whether that is a loan origination process in a financial institution, an accounts receivable process in a traditional company, or an order to cash process in a manufacturing institution.

One of the daunting things about moving to the cloud is that businesses discover they are putting an “internal mess” on display for the world to see, Kurian said. Companies capable of cleaning up a business process mess will improve their time to market, predictability, and customer experiences.

Kurian argued the combination of better process tools with AI will support the next level of abstraction for natural language processing (NLP), one of Google’s strong suits. Google started off by enabling NLP to understand and translate words, Kurian told the conference attendees. Then the company’s engineers saw there was more value in translating sentences. When they started applying these tools to customer service, they realized it was important to be able to interpret the ongoing conversation people were having about an issue, so that customers did not have to repeat themselves each time.

Kurian said that bringing business processes into NLP will extend the boundary of what AI can do even further. For example, an expert involved in approving loans may have focused on understanding and comparing certain fields in the application in making the loan. Once this process is digitized, the company can scale that particular person by capturing their process and decisions into an RPA bot. Kurian positioned this as “the core to streamlining how organizations function, and how organizations can improve the efficiency and speed of their core processes.”

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