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HelpSystems Unveiled the Automate Bot Store

by sol-admin

The Automate Bot Store, recently opened by HelpSystems provides pre-built bots to help customers evolve automation projects using the company’s RPA solution. The store’s bots interpret and run tasks, allowing organizations to accelerate their automation projects. It was created as a way to enhance HelpSystems’ RPA community and bring more value to its customers.

The key features of the Automate Bot Store include:

  • Bots that can be deployed as attended or unattended offering users strong deployment options in how they meet their automation needs.
  • Bots that can be combined with HelpSystems services experts to build more robust, complex solution bots for customers.
  • Bots that provide usable automation code that customers can modify and transform to their unique situation.

The Automate Bot Store already features more than 180 free, downloadable bots for common tasks involving Microsoft applications, SAP, Zendesk, Salesforce, Adobe Creative Suite, and many more. Once users download a bot, they can implement it into their Automate environment and configure it to their needs – without writing any code.

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