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How AI Technology Is Used At UEFA EURO 2024?

by Ant Sh
How AI Technology is Used at UEFA EURO 2024?

Even before a ball has been kicked in this summer’s European Championship, AI has influenced squad selections, streamlined spectator ticketing processes and has even used data to predict the winner. According to Opta Supercomputer Predictions, England has a 19.9% chance of winning the tournament, ahead of France and Germany.

Let’s look at how UEFA has embraced innovation and technology for this year’s football European Championships:

  1. Video Assistant Referee (VAR)

This year, VAR will be used alongside two assistant video assistant referees (AVARs) and three video operators during all games at the UEFA European Championship 2024. As well as this, the football technologies hub (FTECH hub), based at the international broadcast centre in Leipzig, Germany, will have four video operations rooms (VORs) to monitor clear and obvious refereeing errors.

While allowing the referee to make the final decision on every call through on-field review, VAR will assist with goals, red cards, mistaken identity and incidents in the penalty area. Stadium screens will also communicate the information from the FTECH hub to the fans within the stadium.

  1. Connected Tall technology

An exciting innovation featuring for the first time at the football European Championships is connected ball technology, created by Adidas. Using one of the most technologically advanced footballs in the sport’s history, the ‘FUSSBALLLIEBE’ uses AI technology to send data from the ball to match officials in real time to support a faster decision-making process. This groundbreaking technology will also assist VAR officials in identifying every touch of the ball.

  1. Semi-automated Offside Technology (SAOT)

SAOT enables VAR teams to determine offside situations quickly and more accurately, thanks to ten specialised cameras installed at the stadium which track 29 different body points per player. Introduced to the UEFA Champions League in 2022, the system integrates with the EURO connected ball to immediately identify the point of ball contact for the offside situations analysed.

  1. Goal-line Technology

UEFA has installed the goal-line technology (GLT) system in all the venues in use for the tournament. It is a tried and tested system that works well and doesn’t always have the same opinion as the VAR. Why? Speed, accuracy and fairness. Using vision-processing techniques and software, the GLT indicates if a goal was scored within one second of the action courtesy of a vibration and visual signal on each match official’s watch.

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