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How Blue Prism Bots Helped Lufthansa Handle a Set of Challenges During COVID-19 Outbreak

by Ant Sh

Millions of passengers around the world trust Lufthansa to help them reach their destination safely. But being Germany’s largest airline came with a new set of challenges during COVID-19. While no industry was spared, few were hit as hard as aviation. In times of crisis, operating at scale can be a distinct advantage. However, for Lufthansa, this only exacerbated their problem. Without warning, Lufthansa InTouch, the airline’s customer service and operational solutions’ provider, was overwhelmed by requests to alter or cancel flights. Add to this the prevailing political pressure that companies should quickly “make good” by their customers to aid in the response to COVID-19, and Lufthansa suddenly had a major challenge on its hands.

So how did Lufthansa InTouch safely navigate the unexpected influx of cancellations? With solid support from one of the Blue Prism’s partner, NEOOPS, they leaned on a digital workforce.

Working collaboratively and at speed, Lufthansa InTouch, NEOOPS and Blue Prism created a custom solution. Six new digital workers were quickly dispatched to help Lufthansa InTouch deal with its ever-growing backlog of customer requests. Working 24/7, the digital workforce has since facilitated the processing of over 100,000 customer transactions, including alterations, cancellations, and refunds. Digital and human workers seamlessly pass work back and forth, quickly resolving ticketing transactions, either refunding customers’ money or rebooking the flight. The speed of its response gave Lufthansa’s customers much-needed reassurance at a stressful time.


  • 100,000+ Customer transactions processed.
  • 24/7 Digital workers complete customer transactions, day and night.
  • Focus on customer rapid response gave much-needed reassurance.

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