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How Evros Technology Group Leveraged Advanced Automation Tools Provided by UiPath

by sol-admin

Evros Technology Group is an Irish provider of IT managed services and systems integration. Established in 1990, it offers support in the design, supply, implementation, and support of organizations’ IT infrastructure. Evros* has doubled in size almost every three years since its inception. The company wants to ensure that they’re always able to provide their customers with everything they need. And this means having the skills, experience, and expertise needed to deliver the most advanced technologies when the solution requires.

Evros first began evaluating business automation solutions in 2018. Over the last few years, they have been identifying software partners who have the right level of expertise to advance their offering. And as global leaders in Robotic Process Automation, UiPath was the natural partner of choice for this area.

After implementing UiPath products on several IT projects, such as scaling the infrastructure, streamlining patch management, and activating or deactivating customer service accounts, the team’s positive experiences led them to test UiPath on other enterprise use cases. It soon become clear that Evros would have the biggest and most immediate impact by implementing RPA for its Finance Department, purely because of the number of repetitive, manual, low-exception rate tasks that they perform. After some initial investigation, the team discovered that finance team members were spending about 20 hours a week to process up to 1,800 invoices per month.

First, Evros mapped the business processes to an automated approach. Using the invoice templates from their key suppliers the team built and trained the data models. Following that, they set up and configured UiPath Document Understanding along with the UiPath AI Center feature. The next step was to design and implement the integrations with Microsoft Outlook and Dynamics NAV (Evros financial system). The team then continued to improve the process through Machine Learning (ML).

The solution was configured to rank each scanned invoice to have a confidence score of 80% or more to continue its Happy Path for approval. The documents that didn’t achieve 80% would be passed back to the Finance Team for update and correction using the solution. This would allow the data model to ‘learn’ and improve future confidence scores and increase the number of successful automations.

To implement the solution, Evros used UiPath AI Center, which helps deploy, consume, manage, and improve machine learning models. UiPath Document Understanding was leveraged to extract, interpret, and process the data collected from the invoices. The team also used UiPath Task Capture in designing the invoice processing workflows based on the actions on finance team users’ screens. Finally, deployment on UiPath Automation Cloud was preferred as an enterprise SaaS offering for RPA solutions.

“When the solution was first implemented, there was a 60% level of confidence in how the bots were managing the information. In 6-8 weeks, that number increased to around 80% and we expect it to improve further due to the continuous retraining on the human validated data.”

Trevor Dagg, Head of Application Development, Evros Technology Group

The finance team reports that they cut the amount of time spent on processing invoices by around 80% owing to AI-enabled document processing. Now they spend about 4 hours a week processing invoices, versus the 20 hours a week before the UiPath solution was implemented.

* Eir business and Evros Technology Group have come together to form eir evo – Ireland’s Number One Telecommunications and ICT solutions provider.