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How Healthcare is Changing the Way they Acquire RPA

by sol-admin

Element Blue enables healthcare systems to transform the patient experience and reduce costs through increased personalization and RPA. For twenty years, the company has helped healthcare providers and other enterprise companies across the globe compete and win with products from the industry partners: UiPath, Sitecore, Lucidworks, Amazon, IBM, and others. Element Blue is a gold partner of UiPath and here is a video of the brief conversation between their employees, Jason Warrelmann, Global Director of Healthcare at UiPath and Joe Nieto, Director of customer engagement at Element Blue. The keynote is how Healthcare is changing the way they acquire RPA solutions and why the change is key to success.

0:18 – Jason Warrelmann introduces Joe Nieto.
0:44 – Joe talks about Element Blue and his role there.
1:35 – Jason reviews in short how organizations are adopting automation.
2:34 – The biggest challenge Joe Nieto faces and how he is overcoming it especially with his role.
4:34 – A few insights on the deficit in clinicians prior to the pandemic and all the more so after the pandemic broke out.
5:41 – How Element Blue helps its Healthcare customers navigate the story of the pointed solutions versus using an automation platform that they have already tried.
7:08 – Specific features of the buyer market in Healthcare.
8:07 – About roles that CIOs and CFOs are playing in decision-making about Automation.