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How Insurica Utilizes Intelligent Automation to Its Clients’ Favor

by Ant Sh

Founded in 1959, Insurica is a family-owned business comprised of independent retail insurance agencies, program administrators, and risk pool managers that specialize in core industries and business disciplines and share their expertise with the entire group.

Motivation for Automation

According to Jeff Nickles (pictured), Vice-President of Innovation and Data at Insurica, roughly three years ago the company recognized the need for somebody to be dedicated to its innovation and data effort to increase revenue with Insurica business and to help them to be more efficient in their operations.

Vendor Selection

Jeff wanted a company that was willing to partner with Insurica to accomplish what they were wanting to do with automation, and when he started talking to OpenBots he felt very much like that was the case, and it has proven out to be so. The licensing model under OpenBots was much more customer friendly, so Insurica could grow its practice without being hindered by the cost of the actual RPA platform itself. Jeff and the team wanted something that was relatively easy to learn, but also very powerful, and there was a lot of assistance from the OpenBots side to make sure that all that went well.


RPA became a tool that allows Insurica to take its knowledge of the business and apply it with a tool that creates efficiencies within the operations. One of the places where the company gains a lot of traction is just helping process emails, for example. And so the staff have used robotic process automation and OpenBots in particular to extract data out of those emails, enter it into the company’s system of record and then attach that email to the customer record in the right place.


“I think we’re barely scratching the surface in terms of intelligent bots that can adapt to situations and so really
thinking of these bots that we’re creating as digital employees in a certain way. And they can work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Those are the things that I think that will make the RPA even more useful to our business.”

Jeff Nickles, Vice-President of Innovation and Data, Insurica