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How Intelligent Automation Enhances the IoT Capabilities

by sol-admin

While there may be about 7 billion people on the planet, it’s forecasted that there will be more than 41 billion IoT devices by 2027, up from about 8 billion in 2019. These include sensors that collect information, actuators that take some action, storage devices that store information, network devices for moving data, and myriad others. The challenge is no longer how to get that data and keep it. The challenge is how to use more data than a human can process.

The answer lies in Intelligent Automation. Automation can collect, collate and normalize the data to be quickly and easily analyzed. Tools, such as RPA, can read data from one system, find the critical information and then carry out some sort of action.

For instance, with a growing focus on the environment, IoT devices are being used to monitor everything from the performance of heating and cooling systems to airflow and lighting. With increasing scrutiny, there is a need to provide real-time information on how these systems perform. Automating the collection of all this information and providing live reporting gives insights that can be used to make faster and better decisions.

The proliferation of IoT devices has created a flood of new data for organizations to collect, store and use. The volume, velocity, and variety of that data exceed humans’ capacity to process to gain insights to make sound decisions. Using intelligent automation with machine learning and AI makes it possible to harness data resources to make better decisions.

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