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How NSG Group Accomplished A Lot With Automation In A Relatively Short Time

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NSG is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of glass and glazing products for the architectural, automotive, and technical glass sectors. Founded in 1918, the company acquired leading UK-based glass manufacturer, Pilkington plc, in June 2006. With around 27,000 permanent employees, the group has principal operations around the world and sales in over 100 countries.

Based in Poland, NSG’s Global Business Services operation of 320 employees managed the shared services for the whole organization. With an increasing volume of work and a finite amount of resources and space for new people, NSG looked at RPA to help process repetitive tasks and allow its team to focus on more productive and satisfying work.

Partnering with Automation Anywhere, NSG selected a number of simple but high-volume tasks across the business to demonstrate the value of RPA. Everyday processes for IT, such as creating SAP accounts, that had taken five minutes to create manually were executed in just 50 seconds with automation. Other processes used to test RPA included checking both Finance and HR reports. As a result, processing times were reduced from 10 minutes to just 40 seconds. The impressive testing results convinced NSG to implement Automation Anywhere RPA and officially launch their automation program. Overall, there were a variety of processes automated:

  • Network Account Creation
  • Leavers Processing
  • Freight Invoicing
  • ARIBA Reports Printing
  • Master Data Improvements

Business Impact

  • 13,200 Hours saved to date
  • 75% Hours saved annually

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