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How RPA Allowed ATS Euromaster to Change Its Key Metric’s Value from Weeks to Days

by Ant Sh
How RPA Allowed ATS Euromaster to Change Its Key Metric's Value from Weeks to Days

Founded in 1965, ATS Euromaster is a nationwide tire retailer and comprehensive tire service provider with over 50 years of experience and a network of 260 Service Centers across the UK.

The company’s systems were being operated in their own silos. This is the main process ATS Euromaster wanted to break down with automation. They needed to connect these systems to allow data to flow between all of them.

Predominantly, the processes that the company automates are repetitive activities, usually involving the copy of data from an Excel spreadsheet or a system to another system. These range from copy and paste with basic validation to processes that take circa seven minutes to execute and have a significant amount of logic in how to handle the data that it receives. For example, for a replacement tire on a light vehicle, there are seven different positions depending on the car and axle configuration.

These processes needed to be automated to release the company’s team from the boring and repetitive volume and enable them to focus on the items that have proper issues.


“To get us started, we conducted a time and motion study on our processes, and we found 15 different processes we could automate. In just one of those processes, we were spending 26.5 hours every day copying data from one system to another. This is where RPA comes in. We produced bots and named them Betty and Bonnie. They enabled us to automate 80% of that activity. Even if this process failed, it would give us an indication as to why it failed. This allows our employees to focus on the real challenges.”

David Robson, IT director, ATS Euromaster


With all the automations that have happened so far within the company’s mobile operations, 60-70% of jobs are now done without anyone having to touch the order details as they are now automated. With 130 technicians, ATS Euromaster is effectively saving over 30 hours of processing time each day. In addition, one of the key metrics around ‘days to invoice’ used to be in weeks, now it is in days, and the team is in sight of their ambition of under three days.

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