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How RPA Has Helped a Pharmaceutical Company in China to Support Sales Events During The Pandemic

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In the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic, many everyday events and aspects of life have needed to adapt to new circumstances. For one pharmaceutical company in China, new restrictions imposed in response to the pandemic meant that its sales representatives could no longer run seminars and conferences, which played a key role in showcasing and selling products, in person.

This pharmaceutical company wanted to improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of meeting the associated compliance requirements. The business needed to monitor these events and provide proof that they were not being abused by the sales representatives. This meant assigning a team of 20-30 people to collect and submit screenshots that would demonstrate that the online events met compliance expectations. The company quickly realized that such repetitive work could be automated, which would lower costs and reduce the organization’s reliance on third-party agencies.

In order to identify and implement a solution that would achieve this vision, the business engaged with Capgemini to form a collaborative partnership dedicated to the project.

The pharmaceutical company and Capgemini introduced 7 distinct robots that were programmed to produce the necessary screenshots and prepare them for submission to ensure ongoing compliance. As a result, the pharmaceutical company has empowered its sales representatives to continue leading their online events without worrying about compliance issues, while enabling the business to focus its effort and resources elsewhere. The introduction of RPA technology has reduced the overall costs associated with meeting compliance regulations by reducing the business’ reliance on third-party workers who previously created the screenshots manually. Additionally, the company and Capgemini ensured that the solution was simple for event organizers to use so that any sales representative can now easily request a printout during the meeting.


  • Less reliance on third-party agencies lowers the cost related to gathering screenshots;
  • Greater efficiency, as robots can provide 24/7 support;
  • Ensured compliance with government regulations.

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