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How RPA Helped ONCE (Spain) Support Their Employees

by sol-admin

ONCE, the National Organization of Spanish blind people was founded in 1938 to raise funds to provide services for the blind and people with serious visual impairment. As of September 2013, the membership of the organization was 71,460 people. In order to support them, ONCE employs over 23,000 people of which 18,000 are involved in selling lottery tickets which forms the main source of funding for ONCE.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Spain went into lockdown affecting almost every sector in the country. To support their employees, in particular their Lottery Sales teams, ONCE offered a flexible, low interest, long-term loan available to any of its employees to help support them during this difficult period.

Forecasting a spike in applications, ONCE used a UiPath software robot to help with the administrative tasks of generating a loan application, sending it to the employee who wanted a loan for digital signing, registering the signed contract, processing it in the system, receiving human approvals and ensuring the loan appeared in the employee’s payslip. Over 500 loans were processed, freeing up Human Resources personnel to do more value-added work such as liaising with employees in times of uncertainty and challenges.

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