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How RPA Helped Out the California DMV During the Pandemic

by sol-admin

The California Department of Motor Vehicles is the state agency that registers motor vehicles and boats and issues driver licenses in the U.S. state of California. It regulates new car dealers, commercial cargo carriers, private driving schools, and private traffic schools. The agency is 10 000 employees strong and has about 180 offices all across the states.

For the California Department of Motor Vehicles, RPA created automations to handled multiple citizen-facing tasks at the beginning of the pandemic. One of those uses was driver’s license extensions. With shutdowns and stay-at-home orders throughout California, the DMV needed a way to extend licenses without creating a financial or time burden for employees. When the DMV looked into mailing license extinctions out, it would cost the agency over $2,000,000 in postage alone.

Instead, the DMV implemented automated processes with RPA that cost a fraction of what postage would have. “We created an online form through SimpliGov that uses robotic process automation to give an online experience, where people could go online submit the information for the extension,” explained Molly Fitzgerald, Account Manager SLED at UiPath. “Then, our bot goes into their legacy systems where they do not have APIs and validates the identity and validates that they actually are in the window of time for that renewal. The DMV was able to implement this system in two days.”

Another issue the DMV faced while the pandemic grew was the challenge that any other retailer would have seen because the DMV has a very large retail footprint in the state and this retail chain saw tens of thousands of customers every day even during COVID-19. In the video below, you can learn more details about DMV’s issues during the pandemic and how they managed to solve them thanks to RPA. The story is told by Steve Gordon, who runs the DMV as its director.