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How RPA Improves Child Welfare and Patient Care in NY

by sol-admin

The clinicians in NY have to take data from their internal system and go through the arduous process of entering it into a slow application that is only accessible through Citrix. Fortunately, thanks to UiPath RPA software a digital worker does this for them:

The robot logs into 2 systems – MyEvolv and Connections. Once in Connections, the robot searches for the first case. The bot opens up the case, clicks on the summary, and moves to a new progress note. The robot enters the respective information in the Progress Note. If a value is not visible in any of the fields, the robot will scroll until it finds the value. Once the robot is successful in completing the Progress Note, it saves the Progress Note. The bot opens MyEvolv and searches for the respective contact. The robot filters for the proper date range and selects the appropriate contact. Then the bot types in “Yes” for the “Entered in Conx” field, so that this record doesn’t get pulled in the next run.

By automating this process The New York Foundling was able to increase compliance and quality while getting greater visibility into the process. More importantly, this automation improves patient care by reducing duplication of efforts by the clinicians allowing them to spend more time serving children. In addition, the clinicians use this additional capacity to learn new skills or perform other value-add work within the organization.

You might want to watch this demo here.