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How RPA saves 30,000 hours for Albertson’s

by sol-admin

Albertson’s company is one of the leaders in the food and drug retailing space with over 200,000 employees across the U.S. The company spent a lot of time educating their teams on RPA, digital workforce, and related benefits. As they have gone through this journey over the last year, they have had some resistors because with any transformation you can find people in pretty different states of their change journey.

But despite anything, Albertson’s managed to build the momentum and drive the change. As they continue to transform their shared services organization, they see the digital workforce as a pillar and cornerstone of this transformation.

So, they have done their due diligence and went through a process of POC and evaluated the space, evaluated through other arenas and ultimately landed on Automation Anywhere for the ability to collaborate with their organization.

Albertson’s team of business professionals took the Automation Anywhere training and they didn’t have the third party consultants who built their first bots or trained their team. Albertson’s partnered very closely with Automation Anywhere both technology infrastructure implementation and building their Center of Excellence.

Albertsons’ companies have 36 bots in production across 12 different departments within accounting, finance, and employee services. So the opportunity to automate through these 36 bots saved over 30,000 hours
across their shared services organization.

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