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How RPA saves time for Netafim (Israel)

by sol-admin

Netafim is the largest irrigation company in the world. It is a global leader in irrigation solutions for sustainable agriculture.  Let’s focus on the first process that they have implemented in Brazil with a volume of about 700 deliveries a month.  Prior to the automation a lot of idle time was being accumulated between each department. That time is now reduced to zero, so a process that took up to 3 days is now completed in an average time of 15 to 20 minutes, which is amazing.

The main outcome of the RPA implementation in Netafim was the ability to free up resources from several departments for repetitive time-consuming work.

Netafim is exploring several new ways to implement RPA. One of the processes is the process in Brazil to update the estimated and final delivery dates to the customers. All this process without RPA requires a full-time job but implemented it will increase the visibility of the estimated and final days to the customers and will ultimately improve the company’s OTD. Another example is the registration of bank statements in China. This automation will free up 36 hours a month.

  • The first thing that the Netafim’s team is most proud of with implementations of RPA is the ability to save time-consuming repetitive work.
  • The second one will be the ability to implement processes that were not carried out before due to a lack of time and prioritization.
  •  And the last one will be eliminating human errors.

Netafim keep searching to adopt new and innovative solutions such as RPA and so far they are very
satisfied with this technology.

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