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How To Choose Your RPA Vendor

by sol-admin

In this video, you can watch Tim Hurman, Head of digital transformation at Tricor Group, offering some tips on selecting an RPA solution and vendor.

The crucial thoughts he shared with us:
– In order to select the correct RPA solution for you, you need to be identifying where you will be deploying the RPA product. That really comes down to identifying a target that is high-volume, high-cost, and low-complexity. That means you’ll be able to realize the benefits of that very quickly. Having that in mind when going through an RFP and an RFI process to get information and that will allow vendors to actually come into your organization and show you the products.

Try to do a one-week PLC with a few of the major vendors to prove that their products worked in your environment. Most vendors are open to that activity.

– You may find that more than one product is needed to complete your digital transformation, you may have a
core RPA product or a platform that looks at the majority of things, but you’ll also find that other platforms are available and they might need to collaborate. Certainly, with Microsoft’s power platform that is embedded in Office 365, That’s a great way to get everyone in the organization access to some level of automation very quickly.

– When you start out in your RPA journey, the reason Tim Hurman actually recommended doing an RFP an RFI to evaluate these products is once you do invest in one, you will find that the more robots you build on that, they are tied to that platform. So your investment on that platform increases over time. Obviously, if you make the incorrect decision at the start, it’s much harder to rectify later. So, understanding that those products meet your needs at the beginning is critical to keep going in the right direction.