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How to Manage Log Files in Blue Prism RPA

by sol-admin

Whenever a process runs in Blue Prism, it makes a record of each step that has been taken. This is known as a session log. These logs are a good place to investigate when you’re trying to pinpoint and diagnose an error that may have been thrown whilst running your process.

Why archive or delete log files?

A live process that is running all day long will store a significant amount of information in Blue Prism. As you can imagine, over an extended period of time, a tremendous amount of data will be collected. This can lead to an impaired system performance.

Welcome to this short video where Jamie Watt, a Curriculum Developer, will detail the steps required to archive or delete session log files in Blue Prism. By the end of this video, you will be able to access log files in the Control Room, archive log files, and delete log files.