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How to Merge PDFs with Microsoft’s Power Automate

by sol-admin

Have you ever been given multiple files like PDFs and have the requirement to merge those PDFs together into a single document? You might have struggled with that in the past because there’s not a very easy way to do that unless you maybe have some paid software or you go to some sketchy website that you might not know.

In this demo, you’ll see how you can use the Power Automate desktop to combine multiple PDFs together. If you are totally new to Power Automate, then we want to guide you here. Of course, you can find where to download the Power Automate desktop by going to flow.microsoft.com. You can also go to powerautomate.com which redirects you there as well.

Once you’re signed in, you’re going to go into the MY FLOW section and you’ll select that you want to create a new flow and you’ll be prompted to either create a DESKTOP FLOW or a CLOUD FLOW here. So you’ll see DESKTOP FLOWS that you can select and if you select that, it’s going to prompt you to download the Power Automate Desktop. You can also find it underneath the install section here as well, you can find the Power Automate Desktop to have that installed and ready to go. So for the current scenario, we have the need to create a Power Automate Desktop solution that will allow us to merge together multiple PDF files into a single. We have 12 different lab files that we’d like to consolidate and bring together and merge into one single solution.

There are ways to do this. You can either have a paid approach where you go use software like Adobe or you could actually use some pretty sketchy websites to accomplish this as well. But rather than doing that, we’ll show you how you can do this within the Power Automate Desktop.