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How to Set a UiPath Bot to Automate Playing Arkanoid

by sol-admin

Arkanoid is a 1986 block breaker arcade game developed and published by Taito, a Japanese video game company. The player is tasked with clearing a formation of colorful blocks by deflecting a ball towards it without letting the ball leave the bottom edge of the playfield. In 2002, Canadian developer Scott Schiller recreated Arkanoid in object-oriented Javascript/ DHTML. Nowadays, a guy from the Chech Republic demonstrates in the following video how to make a bot that plays Arkanoid.

Once he played around a little bit, Roman (that’s his name) thought about how to automate moving the platform in the x coordinates by means of Uipath RPA. He assumed he needed to get the coordinates of the ball and then move the mouse somewhere. But how to move the mouse? There is eventually no activity like move the mouse to the coordinates in UiPath. So he needed to probably use something else. If the game was running and he clicked anywhere, it didn’t affect the game. It actually started the game if he lost a life. Roman realized that every time he moved along the ball, then it worked. So the goal was to click on the ball. That’s the easy way how to do it. Let’s see how he set this in Uipath Studio.